【Destiny 攻略】パッチ一覧

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■Update 1.0.1 - Patch Notes

We used to build games that were pressed on discs, shipped to retailers, bought by consumers and then, in the months and years that followed, we'd support them the best we could. We updated playlists, made tuning changes, and developed new multiplayer maps.

With Destiny, we couldn't create a world that players want to live in by leveraging our old habits. We want to improve, grow and evolve Destiny in the coming weeks, months and - hopefully - years.

The hours you poured into the beta were instructive, the feedback you provided was heard, and the time you've spent with us so far is humbling.

パッチ1.0.1はDestinyへの最後のパッチではありません。私達の目標は常にゲームを改善することです。The game we hope is competing for your free time.

現在既に新しいパッチの作業に入っています。Some will contain new content, some will contain the next round of improvements, and some will undoubtedly react to issues that you - the playerbase - 今後数週間で明らかになると思います。

Destinyの為の一日目のパッチは、武器、ビルド、Talents、 マップ、アクティビティ、実績、Progression, ゲームの安定性、UIなどの変更です。





ライトニンググレネードのショックダメージが66%増加 (ベース60から100へ)
Amplify Super bonus-on-kill increased from 6% to 10%
Transfusion now has a 5-second cooldown before it can trigger again

■ディフェンダーWard of Dawn now immediately regenerates your health on activation


Chain of Woe now grants an additional 5%, 10%, 15% bonus to reload speed
Gunslinger's Trance buff duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds.

Arcbolt Grenade impact damage reduced by 17% (base 120 to 100)
Razor's Edge distance traveled slowed and reduced
Quickdraw now no longer requires a melee hit
Blink now cancels invisibility when used


Nova Bomb Vortex duration reduced from 5 to 3.5 seconds.
Nova Bomb Vortex effects now has displays for its victims.
Energy Drain impact damage increased by 10% (base 100 to 110)
Soul Rip super bonus on kill increased from 6% to 10% bonus
Vortex Grenade linger damage reduced by 50% (base 15 to 10) per tick
Surge now grants a bonus to reload and weapon-ready speed
Surge now activates when doing damage to an enemy instead of killing blow
Surge agility buff increased by 33% (base 10 to 13)

Firebolt Grenade impact damage reduced by 20% (base 100 to 80)
Flame Shield now activates when doing damage to an enemy instead of killing blow
Flame Shield now provides a small overshield
Solar Grenade linger damage reduced by 50% (base 15 to 10) per tick


Removed weapon speed penalties from extended sprinting
Capped inventory to 999 rounds
Fixed several weapons that would display an incorrect magazine size

Return to Sender now procs more frequently by 15%
High Caliber Roundsのエネミーへのダメージを67%増加



Fixed an issue that broke the fx for explosive rounds



(Fusion Rifle charging is now more reliable.)

Improved Shotgun damage falloff networking.

Improved HMG projectile networking.


Fixed audio dropouts from vehicles for local player.

Dodging while boosting is now easier to execute.

■カバル インターセプター
Reduced Rocket damage falloff curves so they are less effective at long rangers
Reduced Arming shape from 1 to 0.6 meters.


Crucible Marks drop rate increased from 2 to 3 for wins, 1 to 2 for losses.
Match completion XP and Glimmer awards increased.
Match completion can now award Engrams.
Playlists now unlock sequentially instead of based on character level.
Health numbers are now normalized at a 200 base value (up from 175) to be easier for players to calculate.
Ghost ammo collection disabled in all playlists.
'Crushing' voice-overs now plays properly when the game has 0:30 and 0:10 seconds remaining

Mark of the Unbroken minimum threshold increased from 7 to 15
Back in Action death streak threshold increased from 3 to 5
Heating Up medal removed to avoid spam and player confusion
Domination now only fires only once per domination zone per player
Domination medal score increased from 40 to 125


サルベージSalvage Zones now do not return to the most recent salvaged relic locations
Fixed a bug with Salvage probe offense points being given out incorrectly
Fixed spawn policy content that caused bad behavior on (PS3 only)


■First Light
Pike spawns reduced from 4 to 3.
Interceptor spawns reduced from 2 to 1.
Interceptor spawn times reduced to 2 minutes.
Interceptor timer now does not start incrementing until after the game has started.

■Blind Watch
Windmill now pumps approximately 14% less liters of waters per match from 3.5L to 3L.

■Rusted Lands
Line-of-sight spawn influencers changed to reduce spawning near enemies.
Level-of-detail volumes adjusted for better performance on slower platforms.

■Shores of Time
Playable space volumes adjusted to remove exploit zones
Level-of-detail volumes adjusted for better performance on slower platforms.

■The Anomaly
Fixed a hole that let players see out of environment in the lower tunnel.

Pike spawns reduced from 4 to 3.
Interceptor spawns reduced from 2 to 1.
Interceptor spawn timers reduced to 2 minutes.
Interceptor timer now does not start incrementing until after the game has started.

■Exodus Blue
Added physics volume to keep players from getting on top of the giant hose reel near Control Zone A


Fixed an issue with Ishtar Collective Venus mission to enable the Vex Turret to drop Mind Cores for assisting players, instead of only killing blow players.

Strikes now award increasingly more Vanguard Marks at higher levels.
Strikes now award significantly better Gear at lower levels.
Fixed an exploit using Ward of Dawn against Sepiks Prime

Raid condensed to two difficulty tiers, in order to get straight to the punishment. Levels adjusted.
Flawless Raider achievement cut, then un-cut, then cut, then un-cut, then declared immune to further cutting.

Patrols award increased Vanguard reputation but no longer award Vanguard Marks.
Patrol VIP objectives brought in-line with other objectives, but still award additional reputation.
Treasure chest glimmer drop rate reduced, but added Materials to loot table.
Treasure chests now have a small chance to award large drops of additional Glimmer, Materials, Engrams, and Consumables.
Fixed various bugs where combatants were spawning in front of players
Fixed bugs where too many combatants were spawning during some instances of the Vex Block event

Removed spurious XP bonuses for Fallen Captains, Hive Knights and Wizards, Vex Minotaurs, Cabal Centurions
Stealth Vandals should award XP now.
Acyclic Geometer's name now display properly.
Fixed Hydras to reward the correct loot for Patrol missions on Venus
Spidertank leg health reduced by 16% (base 3000 to 2520) per leg.

Bounty introduction unlock moved from Level 6 to Level 4.
Bounty Leads will be sent to characters upon reaching various milestones.
Engram and Package tooltips now indicate what they can contain.
Packages earned from Faction reputation rewards now contain Glimmer instead of awarding XP.
Cryptarch reputation requirements to reach Rank 2 increased.
Cryptarch reputation earned from purchasing Engrams are greatly reduced.
Vanguard and Crucible Marks are now accruable beginning at Level 18.

Fixed an issue with skill distribution that caused convergence to take much too long.
Fixed an issue where players’ skill rating was too often shifting negatively causing less than ideal matches.

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